Be a 2019 Program Book Advertiser

Deadline for Ads is March 1st.

Note: This page is for people/companies who want to sponsor the state pageant itself. If you are wanting to sponsor a local state contestant, please stop here and reach out to the contestant directly. We do not handle local titleholder sponsorships.

Why Advertise?

Advertising in the Mrs. Pennsylvania America Pageant Program Book, gets your product/service in front of your targeted audience in a controlled environment. You want the audience members to take action and buy your service, product, or embrace your non-profit. Advertising in the Program Book can bring more that 750 impressions from viewers in just one night.

Types of Ad Space You Can Buy

  • Advertise your personal business.

  • Dedicate a page to a Preliminary Title Holder.

  • Dedicate a page to the Mrs. Pennsylvania America Organization.

  • Dedicate a page to the current titleholder

Step 1: Pay Ad Placement Fee to Mrs. PA America Organization

Select Ad Type





Step 2: Pay Graphic Artist to Make Your Ad

Pageant Design is our official program book/ad designer. Click here to pay them to create your beautiful ad. They will guide you through the process to make sure you are happy with the end result. 

That's it!